Bed socks and warm-day socks are where it’s at right now. I know people have mixed feelings about socks in bed, but if you have anything akin to Victorian windows like we do and your curtains move when there’s a storm outside also like ours do, then these my friends are your friends. 

I love the house in the summer. Winter is ok if you’ve remembered to buy fire lighters, you’re not in the kitchen, you don’t need the bathroom, the brushed cotton pyjamas and sheets are on and the sheepskin slippers are out. I mean, it’s like a constant fight against the elements. 

The summer’s great because it’s still cold in the middle of the house. Those hot weeks during lockdown when it was week after week of global warming with no respite – I’d won at life during those weeks. Nearly started a vineyard on the patio, but now, no – bed socks and boot socks. It’s the only way. There’s 25% OFF them too at the moment, so we’ve just got to do it.



January 18, 2024 — Deborah Price