Hi everyone.

We wanted to write to you all to introduce our Autumn Winter collection but then our Tweet went viral again last weekend and now we want to write to everyone to say thank you so much for our ridiculously busy week packing all your orders. We've had the tunes on, the tissue paper out and the team at the Post Office on stand by too – it's been brilliant!

We think in terms of being a brand, it's good to stand for the British values we and our team believe in, and to our minds turning down an advertising opportunity in The Daily Mail was a no brainer. It's not our intention to stifle debate, and it's certainly OK if we have different opinions on many things. But blaming refugees and disabled people for the economic crash whilst writing in a derogatory manner about women isn't where British Boxers sits. It isn't who we are. We want to build a brand which manufactures ethically, which fights to build British manufacturing wherever possible and one which shouts about the very best of who we can all be and we’re grateful to the good people at Stop Funding Hate for retweeting us to their audience who agree. 

Autumn Winter has arrived by the way and it's a beautiful collection but we'll tell you about that next week. 

Thanks again, 

Deb and Darren Price
Directors at British Boxers

September 27, 2019 — Deborah Price