We’ve just had the best afternoon. A group of teenagers from our daughter’s special school came in to see us and learn about an e-comm business and what we do. We talked about textile design, sales analysis, buying, cash flow, product, quality control, Instagram, Twitter, photography, influencers – loads of things. We then split into two groups. Half stayed in the office to wrap our multi-pack pants with Nic, and the other half went into the warehouse to pick some orders with Sophie.

In the middle of it all, when everyone was in the office, we had snack time. Everyone knows snack time is the most important bit. Flap jacks, krispie cakes and chocolate marshmallows. I don’t know how much they wanted to know about an underwear business, but I found out that one of them goes boxing on a Tuesday and another one likes staring at the wall but will turn around if there’s a chocolate marshmallow involved. One kid likes competitive underpant packing and another is very good at sticking foil stickers. The teachers were incredible – the care that the head of sixth form took before their visit to make sure that one child who uses a wheelchair was included and could get into the office and warehouse space was exemplary.

It’s been great. More business should get involved in local community. I know business has to turn profit and make money, but sometimes it’s more important to think about the social responsibility to include people and give something back. Otherwise, what is the point of all of it? Better curtains? Bigger car? No joy?  No thanks!

It’s been a great day full of love and laughter.

Our Summer Sale is live at the moment including our boxer shorts, so the discount codes are turned off for now. It is what it is. I’m thinking of Ronseal. “Does what it says on the tin.” But maybe that’s too many messages in one email, and also that’s theirs not ours. Basically the reduced prices are exactly as shown on the website. There’s also free delivery on all UK orders over £100.

Have a great week! 

June 21, 2023 — Deborah Price