We had such a great day last week. We went over to a studio at Media City in Salford and photographed some Spring/Summer items as well as a capsule collection for John Lewis (also coming in Spring). It was a long day, and the crew and models were all amazing. I felt sorry for the models shooting Spring because it was so cold, but we managed to work out the heating system – and clearly we had plenty of dressing gowns for them to keep cosy in-between shots.

I’d set out from Staffordshire in the dark so we could be in Salford at 7.45am, and I wore my sunglasses on my head. “It’s going to be frosty bright sunshine in a bit,” I exclaimed to Jaz as I picked her up in the car. It was still dark when we arrived. When we left at 6pm it was dark too. My redundant sunglasses discarded on the dashboard.

I cannot wait to show you the great things we have coming in next year, but for now though it’s very much Christmas and we have a discount code live. If you use XMAS20 on our website you’ll get 20% off your entire order. And if anything is the wrong fit, you are more than welcome to send it back after Christmas for a swap or refund.

December 07, 2023 — Deborah Price