I wanted to do a massive Merry Christmas shout out to the amazing British Boxers team. We’re a tiny team of people (not elves), and we are working incredibly hard to get everything out to you. We’re currently getting all orders out within 24 hours of receipt – unless you order on a Friday night or Saturday, in which case we’re getting them out on a Monday morning. We don’t work at weekends or nighttime because as well as not being elves, we’re also not a massive corporation and we have homes and other places to be. I suspect the corporates and the elves also have places to be too, it’s just that they get little choice. I’ll change the subject now. I’ve realised I’m heading towards that bit when Hermione Granger got her elf rights hat on in the 4th or 5th Harry Potter book, and my intention was to give the team a shout out, not to unionise elves – although they probably should have a union. (shut up Debs)

Anyway, Nicola’s processing the returns and very much liking it when people write kind notes.

I’m dealing with the customer service emails and also very much like it when people write kind things. I’ve also been making a lot of posh coffees and builders teas for everyone today.

Julie’s packing British Boxers orders. It’s her birthday and so she’s cracking through a tin of Belgian chocolate biscuits from M&S.

Sian and Jaz are packing the John Lewis orders and are also eating the biscuits.

Emma’s not in work today, but I wanted to give her a shout out too. She’s been ironing, re-folding and re-bagging some gorgeous pieces we’ve made for a shop down on Jermyn Street in London (their label not ours). The pyjamas had been sent to a photographer to shoot still life, and they just needed to be made beautiful again.

Co-director Darren’s been in today too. He never feels the cold, so he’s been in the warehouse picking all the orders and then bringing them into the warm office for the team to pack.  He usually works on big strategy stuff with me but when December hits we all do whatever it takes.

Finally, Lauren Laverne is on the radio keeping us all entertained. She’s definitely an honorary team member and would be welcome to first dibs of a new layer in the biscuit tin if she were ever in the vicinity – and also if there were any biscuits left (she’d have to hurry).

You can get 20% OFF this week when you use the code XMAS20 on our website, like our cotton pyjamas, and you can send things back after Christmas if they’re not quite right. We can swap or refund – whatever works.

December 13, 2023 — Deborah Price