Something brilliant has happened. I’ve tweeted about it, but if you don't follow us on Twitter you won’t have seen it. A few years back we turned down an advertising opportunity for our brand with the Daily Mail (see above).

Well, it meant we couldn’t use the fancy “Google Max” advertising tool because their algorithm puts adverts all over whatever website people have recently been on, and we didn’t want our adverts to appear on the Daily Mail’s website. This made it difficult for us to advertise our products online. So we wrote to the CEO of Google. We sent him a letter across the pond by DHL requesting that he please, PLEASE, please add an opt out button to their Google Max campaign tool so we can grow our business but not fund Mail Online’s website.

Anyway, you’ll never guess what?! The Google CEO hasn’t replied, he hasn’t communicated with us and we don’t know if our letter helped but IT Phil phoned with some great news this week. “Guys! There’s a button. We can opt out of advertising on the Daily Mail’s website, so we can start to use the Google Max campaign tools!”

We’re absolutely delighted and have tweeted it far and wide, so that lots of other companies can also be aware that they too can opt out. Not to stifle debate – it’s important different views are well-argued and considered – but just to stop the sheer level of misogynistic, hate-filled, racist bile that spews forth for clicks and cash. Business can now have the freedom of their speech too, and we’re totally here for it!

June 15, 2023 — Deborah Price