When I was a little girl my dad had a business. He made “computer furniture” for offices before many other people made those products. I loved nothing more than going into the factory with him. I loved to smell the sawdust and I loved to smell the glue too, but that has a slightly different connotation which isn’t what I mean at all. Basically, I loved the smell of sawdust and wood glue.

I remember the noise of the big saws and the tinny pop sounds of Radio 1 cutting above the noise. I loved the really old lift and the way the industrial doors had to be dragged shut to bang closed with a heavy metal crash in the once Victorian cotton mill they worked from south of Manchester. 

One thing I didn’t know until I was older was that some of the men dad employed were fresh out of Strangeways prison. I was reminded of it the other day when I saw Edward Timpson tweeting about how Timpson’s do a similar thing in their shoe repair shops. I love that my dad did that. We call it a social conscience now, I think back then it was just called kindness. 

It is possible to have a business where people are fairly paid, in good working conditions and are happy. I thank my dad every day for giving me that foundation and insight and hold it dear as we make decisions within British Boxers. I remember his office, wheeling myself across it on his chair and the second drawer in his desk being full of boiled sweets. He’d made some desks for the good people at Swizzels Matlow and they loved the furniture so much they gave him sweets (I’m assuming there was some cash involved too, but I was 10 and not very interested in that).

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June 06, 2022 — Deborah Price