Glastonbury always falls on my birthday weekend, and I’ve never much fancied the thought of trouncing through mud (shower-less and without home comforts) enough to want to spend a small fortune on tickets. Co-director Darren used to go in the late '80s/early '90s when tickets were cheap… Or, as he once did, you could hop over the fence and smash in your ankle, spending the entire weekend at Yeovil hospital until your mates were sober enough to drive you back to your student digs in Manchester.

Then in the last couple of years, from the luxury of my house with a proper roof and feather-filled chair, I’ve watched Lauren Laverne presenting it on TV from her designer hay bale and I realise that the whole experience has grown up somewhat. I reckon if you could do glamping – your own shower and loo, posh wellies and an air bed – you’d be laughing.  In fact, scratch all of that. Marry a pop star and arrive by helicopter. That’d work. I hope you’ve had a fab weekend, whether you watched it from home or were there in person.

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Have a great week all!

June 27, 2023 — Deborah Price