My in-laws came to live at our house for a week so my husband and I could leave the kids at home while we went to live in Cyprus for 7 days. 

Sometimes running a business, having a disabled child and living with leukaemia can take its toll, so I was extremely grateful to them. I’m OK. The meds work. But occasionally you just need a breather to punctuate your life, don’t you?

My husband and I decided to do nothing in Cyprus. We’ve never done an 'all-inclusive' style nothing-holiday before, so it was a novelty to us. When I say we did 'nothing', to be fair we did do some things… we’re not totally lazy. For example, we managed to wander down to the bar and order a mojito or 2, we managed to get to the spa bit and book a back massage, and we even managed to return for the appointment. Occasionally we managed to ask a waiter if he’d kindly bring us some food. We also managed to find sunbeds under a palm tree and, despite a cancelled flight and an extra unplanned 24 hours where we had to do some more sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee and eating home made biscuits (made in someone else’s home not mine), we managed to somehow cope with everything the week threw at us and achieve all its tasks magnificently.

We’re now home and looking forward to the Christmas rush at British Boxers. We have certain colourways that run out in the weeks before Christmas, so if you wanted something specific now’s your time to get in there. Buying isn’t always an exact science. It’s relatively scientific, but you can have a model in one pair of pyjamas which looks particularly fantastic or a magazine who run with a photo of something and it can mean that your predicted sales figures are slightly out. Nothing you can do about it. Just have to go with the flow. There’s currently 20% OFF with the code AW20 and you can also get free UK delivery on all orders over £100.

October 26, 2023 — Deborah Price