To all the mums like me who work and juggle the kids feeling they're doing both badly, to the stay at home mums, the working 5 days a week ones, the people whose mums have left us, the mums whose children have passed away, the mums whose kids are sick and disabled (raises my hand and wishes it was me instead of my kid), to friends and strangers who wanted kids and it never happened, to other friends who adopted kids and to the dads who have to be mums too. I’m thinking of all of you today.

I’m also minded that when Sarah Vine, the Daily Mail journalist, said last week that 'you need a womb to be a mum', she was wrong. It immediately jarred for me. But it’s only now after a few days I’ve been able to think about it, and I’ve realised that you don’t need a womb to be a mum, you just need a big heart and someone to care for. 

Keep smiling.

Deborah Price
Managing Director, British Boxers

March 29, 2019 — Deborah Price