It’s Mother’s Day today in the UK and earlier this week I had a chat with my colleagues in the office about it. There’s 4 of us in the office and we’re all mums. We don’t all still have our mothers and our cumulative experiences of motherhood have been different. We’ve all in one way or another been through the mill a bit and it makes me wonder if most mums have unusual experiences. I set up British Boxers 8 years ago so that I could control my time and be there for my disabled daughter whilst also juggling the career and job that I loved. (Martha’s 14 and has a rare genetic disability called Williams Syndrome which means she has learning disability and many physical problems too)

I’m also mindful that while I’ve been working these past few months I’ve only been able to do so because my husband has been home schooling the children whilst also staying up until 2am so he could do his own work too. None of it is easy. So I think my blog this week is a nod to everyone who nurtures really. All those great people who help to raise us and the next generation. To all those who care and love. THANK YOU!

That’s it. I’m not selling you anything today. I just wanted it to be a blog and a nod to the mums, the dads  and the carers everywhere.

Love to all!

March 14, 2021 — Deborah Price