I’ve just had an absolute summer highlight. There’s a reservoir near us, and it’s such a lovely place – great restaurant, visitor centre, paddleboarding, walking and stunning views. They had a “Family Fun Day” so I took the kids to see what was going on.

Essentially, it involved various countryside people coming to show their things. There was the “Birds of Prey” man who came to show off his birds (that sounds all sorts of wrong, doesn’t it, but it was great). We stroked a hen harrier. He had a Snowy Owl, a barn owl and various raptors as well. There was the Moorlands Climate Action tent which encourages us all to stop and think about our impact on the environment in which we live and how to protect the world around us. There was a bouncy castle, live music, cream teas, a spot of rain and rain coats. The ubiquitous British summer’s day out I’d say.

There was something extra too – so utterly joyful that it’s rapidly become a highlight of the summer for me. A man with his extremely well-trained Border collie, Meg. It was Meg’s job to round up ducks on the field. The field was rammed with people, but Meg-the-dog only had ears for her master. The ducks waddled about quickly and safely together in a mini-flock – the dog weaving in and around the people. Eventually, Meg skilfully rounded the ducks back up into their crate. They were then left to quack about in their pen with water to splash in and food to eat, but the absolute joy was Meg returning to her owner – so pleased that she’d done a good job for him. Happy ducks, happy Meg, happy master and happy people watching the whole spectacle. We came away soon after. Nothing could top that.

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August 30, 2023 — Deborah Price