Happy New Year good people inside my lap top. I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas in your new PJs. We hosted Christmas and New Year at our house and then went straight into the Winter Sale at British Boxers, so it’s been a fabulous but very, very busy time.

Every morning the postman arrives at our office in his van and drops off the sacks of our returns and our hearts sink. Not because people want to swap to different sizes or have a refund, etc. No, it’s because the ironing that has to happen after a sack of post arrives back at the warehouse is unbelievable!

My friend Kathy lost her husband a couple of years ago, so some days she comes in just to iron, fold and keep herself busy. She likes joining in with the banter and says it keeps her occupied. Radio on and laughter! That’s what we all need I think.

The postman always chuckles too. “How many have you got today Pete? Is that it?” I see him holding 6 parcels in his arms. “Oh no Deb, there’s 2 more sacks in the van. 58 parcels today.” Hooray! Better get the steamer fired up then.

The Winter Sale continues on the website. We have some proper 70% OFF bargains on women’s sleep shorts. We’ve changed the shape that we’ll be buying from this Autumn, so we have quite a few of the previous shape in stock. The reason we’ve changed the shape is that they were coming up a bit small and we got lots of returns on them. So please definitely take advantage of the offer on them because they’re gorgeous, beautifully cut and sewn with a sublime curved side vent on the leg. If you’re unsure of your size, just round up a size and drawstring them in to fit.

January 07, 2024 — Deborah Price