We’ve come to Whitby for 2 nights. 

Last time we were here I’d just been diagnosed with leukaemia and the consultant only allowed me to come away if I agreed to a blood transfusion first. This time, I’ve run* up the millions of steps to the cliff top abbey that Henry VIII destroyed, I’ve avoided the Dracula story exhibition (301 terrible reviews on Tripadvisor) and besides, let’s face it, no one wants to have my blood anyway – not even vampires.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to tell you a tale of horror. I wanted to tell you about Papa’s Fish & Chips. Last night we went there for dinner after a couple of early doors pints and a game of Trivial Pursuit in The Black Horse (we’ve now dubbed The Black Horse our Whitby Local).

Our waiter was a 17-year-old called Levi. He is, without any doubt, the best waiter we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in years! He couldn’t do enough to accommodate us. He told us about how he comes on the train to Whitby, how he loves working for Papa’s and how the company have treated him so well. Absolute joy to hear his enthusiasm and also, as an aside, the most amazing fish and chips ever too with views over the harbour. Also great to hear such glowing praise for the company he works for. So massive pats on the back definitely going to Papa's and Levi from us lot.

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X Deb @ British Boxers

*when I say ran, I’m using the term loosely. I climbed the first 10 steps quickly, made it to 50, stopped and breathed and took this photo above so that other people didn’t realise I was knackered and then did the rest. The important thing is that I did them all and I couldn’t even do the first 10 last time. I’m getting better.

March 31, 2024 — Deborah Price