I hope everyone’s OK this week. It’s a strange time for all of us, and I think the next few weeks might be quite a sombre and rocky ride.

There’s just myself, Julie and Nicola in the office at the moment, so we’re going to crack on because we’re an e-commerce business and we can’t do what we do from home. I want to reassure everyone this week and let you know we’re still hand washing constantly, spraying desks down and leaving customer returns for 3 days before processing them. If you’re going to buy from an online company we don’t think you will find a safer one.

We really appreciate your support this year more than ever. These are really tough times for all of us and business is no exception. I think the more of us who support small businesses (and we don’t just mean British Boxers), the better.

We have 120 day returns at the moment too which means you can buy Christmas presents now and get sorted! We’re selling out of some things so please do get Christmas orders in early if you can.

I’ve really appreciated the comfort that I get from our gorgeous brushed cotton pyjamas and robes this Autumn. They feel amazing and seem a small luxury against the weather and the news. There’s 15% OFF our collections if you use the code AT15 and we’re putting one of our tie-fasten face masks free in each parcel too. (We just put them in so don’t add them to the basket unless you want more than one)

Thanks again for all your orders and encouragement too! Your kind words on social media and email always make us smile in the office!

Stay safe everyone!

November 04, 2020 — Deborah Price