Last orders at the getting-things-before-Christmas bar! Can you start making your way to the doors please ladies and gents? It’s time to go home! Select Express Delivery at the checkout to get your orders before Christmas. After today it’s still likely that you’ll get them, but we don’t want to promise.

There was the time I worked on the shop floor in a famous department store and apparently I “ruined” a customer’s Christmas because her curtain poles didn’t arrive on time. She made me cry and my wonderful department manager just looked at me and said, “You haven’t ruined her Christmas. Her cold black heart has done that.” I loved him in that moment, but you know, if the lady had ordered her curtain poles sooner then her Christmas wouldn’t have been ruined. Or even maybe if she didn’t have friends coming whose only enjoyment of Christmas was dependent on wooden curtain poles being up in time, it would have been lovely too. You know what? It’s been nearly 30 years. I really need to let this go, don’t I? Anyway, marketing for therapy… who knew? Get your orders in chicks.

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December 20, 2022 — Deborah Price