I’d like to write to you and say that I’ve lost half a stone and am loving January’s offering of celery soup and that I’ve invested in some lovely sports clothing and I’ve re-joined the gym. I have a feeling that’s what the corporate message is supposed to be in the January emails, but the thing is I haven’t quite had enough stilton, sherry and walnuts yet… and I’m rather enjoying them, so if you don’t mind I’ll stick with the cheese for now. Surely our bodies need these calories to keep the cold out? May is the time for drinking grass-coloured smoothies. Actually no, May is a time for cocktails. There’s a pattern here isn’t there. Oh dear.

Right, we have our fabulous Winter Sale Event on at the moment. Our lovely factory is still making winter product for us in January. So if you’ve tried to buy something in the sale and it wasn’t in stock a couple of weeks ago, it’s definitely worthwhile having another look now as we have some replenishment stock coming back into the warehouse today/tomorrow. We’ve booked it all onto the website already because they sent a packing list ahead of the delivery. If it’s showing as available, you can order it now and we’ll get it out to you in the next 2-3 days, including our lovely boxer shorts. We’ve also added our men’s and women’s Ultraviolet brushed cotton collection to the sale with 25% off and it’s stunning.

Biscuit anyone?

January 13, 2022 — Deborah Price