The boyfriends and husbands of the British Boxers team have made us dead proud this week.

Julie had a delivery of massive flowers arrive at the office and we all made a great big fuss of her. It’s a shame we weren’t based in London because then she could have shown them off on the tube home but still, I suggested she walk slowly to the car so that the queue of traffic waiting at the lights could be suitably impressed.

Meanwhile apprentice Jaz and her man went to Duck Goose which is our new fancy restaurant in town. They had mains and pudding and then another pudding because one wasn’t quite enough. Although Jaz did say she nearly died after two, it’s important to also note that she is only 16  so was fine by Tuesday morning. Absolutely sterling work there though Jaz! Start as you mean to go on hun.

Sophie went to the cinema with her man to see the old/new Agatha Christie which she said was great but not as good as Murder on The Orient Express which I also liked but I struggled to get beyond Kenneth Branagh’s massive moustache. I couldn’t focus on the scenes or dialogue because the moustache kept getting in the way. Like an elephant moth caterpillar on too many carbs.

My Darren turned up at work to take me to the Lazy Trout for lunch. He made some joke about me being a lazy trout but I pretended not to hear him and then ordered something really expensive off the menu for revenge. I made some jokes about the rot setting in but it’s our own rot and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nicola and her lovely husband Andy don’t do Valentines because they love each other every day so he gave her some posh chocolates on Friday instead.

We bought the men folk stuff too before anyone starts quoting Germaine Greer at me. It’s all 50/50 in our worlds but if I started banging on about that it just becomes a bit of a convoluted tale of smuggery and the joy is lost. Anyway, hope you all had a lovely week too.

There’s 20% OFF brushed cotton this week because it’s still really cold out and the lucky dip half price undies are live on the website too! The sale will be ending next week though so do bagsy your things now if you want to get in…

Take care all.

February 17, 2022 — Deborah Price