Last weekend I attended “mum camp.” Mum camp is an annual event where we drink gin and eat marshmallows in a field, where we hope for sunshine and take a gazebo because there’s usually rain and where we all support each other. Bereaved mum, single mum, disabled kid mum, adopted kids mum.

There was the blueberry gin year where we were so cold that we wrapped blankets around our heads like massive turbans, watching the rain sweep across the valley below. There was the year where we lost Stanley (bad mum skills) and found him 45 minutes later un-kidnapped and not drowned in the lake, sensibly standing by the swings (good mum skills). And there was Saturday night where Sarah tripped over a branch stump and nearly ended up in the camp fire and Beth the nurse sobered in 5 seconds and went straight into work mode. “Torch! Pulse! Checks all skin bits for cuts and bruises” (Sarah was fine)

Crucially the kids run tech-free and feral outside, thinking it’s marvellous and the mums laugh like drains. The very best thing about Saturday night was that the camp was set up at a barn at the edge of our rural town – down the road from our houses. Some of the mums and kids stayed over. I didn’t! Hahaaa! All the joy of marshmallows and gin and then getting to sleep in my own bed was brilliant (I’m not very good at camping but I try for the sake of conviviality). Above is a photo of the year we all had matching British Boxers pyjamas, which is my totally tenuous connection to marketing.

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October 08, 2022 — Deborah Price