Last year we signed a contract with Paul Mullin. He’s the super striker for Wrexham Football Club, and Wrexham is the club that was bought by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Paul wears his British Boxers every time he plays for Wrexham which is fabulous. Netflix have a series called Welcome to Wrexham, and in it Paul talks about his young lad who has autism. So the deal we’ve signed with Paul means that every time he scores a goal, we give £150 to the Wrexham-based charity who supports his boy. We’re delighted to be able to support Your Space, and it’s been a positive all round that Paul gives them publicity and we can now give them publicity too!

It’s a 2 goal win!

If you’d like winning pants like Paul’s you can buy them here, and if you’d like to donate to Your Space you can do so here too.

March 14, 2024 — Deborah Price