Right… the price on our gorgeous sleepwear collection has gone up this Spring. The cost of cotton, manufacturing, logistics and duties on raw materials have all increased and so has the cost of warehousing and heating. It’s a headache no company wants, and it’s an email that someone who loves marketing and selling stuff doesn’t want to write.

I want to talk to you about lovely seams, gorgeous fabric, fabulous matching stripes and checks across pockets. I want to write about the amazing fit of our boxer shorts. I want to tell you about my kid playing rugby and getting a try on Sunday. He’s only 11 (I’m very proud). I want to chat about how we won’t advertise in the Daily Mail because they’re a different sort of pants, and about how my leukaemia treatment is going well which is more like a good sort of pants… you know, the usual mish mash of whatever’s going on inside my head. But we are where we are, and I’d rather tell you straight up so you know what’s what.

We do still have half price lucky dip undies available on the website, there’s 10% OFF everything on british-boxers.com when you use the code FB10 at the checkout and there’s also free postage on any orders over £30.

Finally, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for being such super loyal customers. We couldn’t support our local industries, create local jobs and boost our economy doing what we love to do without you having our back.


March 23, 2022 — Deborah Price