I woke up on Saturday and he was on his phone. “There’s a cheese festival in Stafford today. We could go and sample all the cheese.” I quite liked the idea of sampling all the cheese so agreed straight away. The kids didn’t even protest at the organised day out, so we felt we were onto a winner.

We walked in and hit the pecorino hard – the aged one, the middling one and the fresh one. Like Goldilocks in the three bears’ chairs, it was important to try all 3. Sadly for my waistline, they were all just right. (What even is a waistline? I think I have vague recollections of one in the mid ’90s, but maybe it was just the nightclub lights.) We moved swiftly onto the Stilton and the cheese marketing man flattered me by telling me I’d honed in on the posh ones. It felt like destiny.

Anyway in sentences I thought I’d never write, the one that goes, “We met Batman at a cheese festival on Saturday,” is probably up there to be honest, but for the photos-or-it-didn’t-happen brigade here we go…

The British Boxers Summer Sale is live at the moment and there’s up to 60% OFF selected products. We turn the discount codes off when it’s the sale because it’s more straightforward to work out the reductions that way, and it means we can push them as far as possible. You get a bargain and we get some cash flow ahead of Autumn… and some space in the warehouse! It all just works, doesn’t it?

Great stuff. Have a good week all!

July 06, 2023 — Deborah Price