Whilst I appreciate we’re probably banging a drum that’s been banged by us before… indeed think of us as the face mask Keith Moon… here we are again!

This week the government finally announced that face masks are going to be mandatory in English shops from 24th July. So we’re writing to let you know that we have them in stock and ours are fully washable to 60 degrees and they’re beautifully made. We’ve used ties rather than elastic so they don’t irritate the ears. We’ve used an antibacterial finish zinc coated fabric which feels amazing next to the skin, and finally we have three classic colours to choose from so they’re understated and luxurious.

We’re giving them away on all orders over £30. So if you’re spending more than £30, even if it’s in the sale, you don’t need to add one to your cart (unless you want 2 or more). We’ll just literally put one in the parcel for you.

We’re also giving one away to key workers for each one that you purchase (see below), and so far we’ve been able to give away over 1,000 of them to schools, care homes, doctors surgeries and more! When we started this initiative we felt that was the most immediate way to help the crisis as it unfolded, and I’m proud that we’ve been able to facilitate this and extremely grateful to all of you because you’ve enabled this to happen.

Stay safe and thanks so much!

July 16, 2020 — Deborah Price