I’m writing this on Friday morning – you know after the massive snow of last night. We had a lorry arrive at the warehouse yesterday evening after we’d all left for the day and the driver sent me a WhatsApp message. He couldn’t speak much English, but by the power of Google Translate we managed to work out that (firstly) he was worried that I’d be fed up with him because he was sending me messages on Whats App after I’d finished work. Poor bloke! It makes you stop and wonder how rude some people are to others if that’s his first thought. I was just worried about whether he’d be warm enough. Between us we worked out that he had a heater in his cab, he was used to it because he drives all over Europe in all weathers and that Karen at number 26 (opposite the warehouse) would make him a cup of tea if he was cold. Fabulous. Darren and Julie rescued him at 8am.

Nicola and I arrived a little later with a gaggle of our kids and friends’ kids. All the schools were shut. We found an old damaged dressing gown that someone had returned years ago and it made a fabulous coat for their snowman. I did note that the snowman might need to lose a little snow before it fitted him perfectly and I mentioned it on Twitter and someone, in jest, (sometimes you can’t tell on Twitter) couldn’t believe I’d fat shamed a snowman.

Back at home now with my laptop and the snow is thawing faster than it did in Narnia when The White Witch started to lose her power and Father Christmas came back.

On the website there is 20% OFF everything, including our lovely dressing gowns, with the code SPRING20 (Spring I know hahahahaha), there's Free Delivery on all orders over £100 and there’s 90-day returns so you don’t have to walk on icy pavements to return things to us if you want to wait a bit and do it when the sun’s shining.


March 11, 2023 — Deborah Price