I love the 4 days off that Easter brings – just a long weekend of absolutely nothing planned at all. I took the kids to the historic outdoor pool in Hathersage on Saturday. It’s about 45 minutes from where we live but includes the most amazing drive through the Peak District. Glorious warm spring sunshine, followed by an hour’s swim and hot chocolates to warm them up afterwards. In reality, the kids were fighting each other in the pool. The younger one projectiled himself from the side at one point and nearly drowned me. I got the leukaemia aches in my arms after swimming – I think it was just that bit too cold for me. In a Victorian flounce I took to my bed at teatime. I shut myself up from moaning about it though because I reckoned I’d got amazing meds, ibuprofen, Netflix and longevity to look forward to in my future and the poorly Victorians just had death and flouncing in theirs.

Full-on pyjama’d-up on a Saturday night watching Vikings and Saxons get battered in The Lost Kingdom – I had quite a nice time once the ibuprofen had kicked in.

By Sunday my achy arms were cured and I decided to go walking in the hills with him and the kids. We saw 2 red kites, a massive pig, 2 cockerels having a fight with a duck, 2 loud crows dive bombing a nest-raiding buzzard and 2 kids shouting at each other (mine, but I pretended they were someone else’s). We walked on ahead of the cacophony of fighting children, animals, illness and winter and saw some Shetland ponies at the edge of a field. The ponies were having a nice time standing in a patch of sunshine brushing themselves up against the head of an old sweeping brush that had been tied to a gate. I stared at them wondering if the brush against the gate was their version of a spa day. I found myself absently holding his hand and smiling. The world can be perfect – I just need to remember to look for it.

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April 13, 2023 — Deborah Price