Your orders and generosity have meant that we can now give ONE THOUSAND face masks to carers, key workers and essential service users!

And we're nowhere near the end… Get your own FREE Silk-Feel Antibacterial Face Mask for orders over £50 or buy one and we’ll give a free mask to a key worker or the profits to University Hospital North Midlands Charity Appeal.

Our face masks are made using a technical, patented, silky soft, antibacterial fabric woven in Switzerland. The cloth is treated with a trace element of zinc which is integrated with every cellulose fibre, and as a result the antibacterial element remains wash after wash.

It’s extremely important for us to say that we are not claiming these masks will protect you from Covid-19, but we are saying that there is increasing evidence from governments that wearing masks helps to protect the wearer. It’s also worth noting for existing customers that these masks are made at the same factory where we produce our nightwear, so you’ll know how beautifully made they are. The fabric is wonderfully soft and soothing against the face – it feels silky! They are also totally biodegradable too.

If you place an order for over £50 on our website, we will give you a mask worth £14 free of charge. Or if you want to buy one you can do, and we’ll give a free mask to a key worker or the profits to the University Hospital of North Midlands Charity Appeal. It’s up to you!

Our antibacterial face masks are silky soft and concertina out to fit over nose, mouth and chin. And they are fastened by tying 2 bows at the back of the head. They are available in White or Navy Blue and fully machine washable to 60 degrees. 
You don’t need to add one to your order if it’s over £50 (unless you want more than one face mask) We’ll just include it in your parcel anyway but do let us know in the notes if you have a colour preference. Thanks so much! 

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May 07, 2020 — Deborah Price