We’ve had a few customers writing to ask about our returns policy around the Christmas period, so I thought I’d write to reassure everyone. We do 90-day returns at this time of year. This is because some of you are super organised and want to get your Christmas shopping done ASAP. So don’t worry if you bought something in September and you can’t get it to the post office until January. We’re human people in a nice office, drinking lovely coffee. We’re not going to quibble over a few days. We’re not trying to catch people out. We’re just trying to sell our lovely things and have a nice time. It’s all OK.

To that end you can get 20% OFF everything this week, including our dressing gowns, with the code AW23 and there’s free UK delivery on orders over £100 too plus 90-days (plus a few more days if you need them) returns.

Happy shopping!

November 12, 2023 — Deborah Price