It was my other half’s birthday, so we headed into Stoke with friends to eat at Feasted

Feasted is a restaurant around the back of the old Spode pottery factory. The team work all day to feed a table of 8 or 12 guests. There were 8 of us tonight. Everyone sits at the same table even though you don’t know each other. 

This was fine dining but with a twist. It’s a tasting menu, so basically you eat the 9 courses you’re served and you don’t get to choose. The team are cooking next to you and the chefs come to the table to explain each course to you – why it’s been created and how it reflects the history and culture of Stoke-on-Trent.

The food was ridiculously good. The company was fabulous. We loved chatting to our friends and to the 4 strangers at the table, but the bit that caught us all in the back of the throat was their young apprentice Ben having the courage to tell us why he loved working there and what his hopes for the future were. I loved the inclusion/carefulness of head chef Alex when, early in the evening, he introduced us to the team and said, “This is Ben. He might come and tell you about his story in a bit,” so there was no pressure.

Eventually, Ben came over and turned down the lights so he could tell us about being neuro diverse and how he has very high anxiety. He said that as a kid he’d only eaten Dinosaur shapes and baked beans, but how his apprenticeship had been the best thing he’d ever done and how he now loves food, flavour and wants to be a chef one day so he can feed the homeless and can give something back to the city.

It was an incredible evening and I can’t recommend Feasted and their team highly enough.

X Deb

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May 26, 2024 — Deborah Price