We’re finally in the new warehouse! Signed the contracts last week and had two big lorries come in with deliveries on Monday. There are houses opposite and an elderly lady came out of hers to watch the proceedings as the first artic arrived. Now, I know that there will only be around one or two lorries a month for half an hour each but she didn’t know that yet and it was the first day and I was thinking, “Aye aye, here we go. I’m starting with bad vibes with the neighbours already. Not a good look Debs.”

I went over to talk to her. Sometimes talking to people directly just reveals that you’re only human and not a great big faceless corporation. I explained to her, “Don’t worry, it’s usually just one or two lorries each month.” She couldn’t have been lovelier. “Hello dear, it’s great that you’ve taken it on. It’s been really good to see the builders here for the last few months, and it’s nice to see the building brought back to life. It was an eyesore before. Let me know if you need a drink or anything”

So kind and so thoughtful of her, and I know she’ll watch out for it for us which will add a layer of security. I’ll go and chat to her from time to time. I nearly requested a lemonade with ice cubes in it, but I’m British and that seemed to be pushing things a bit too far. Friends from day one!

Whilst we’re between the buildings we still have 20% OFF all our sleepwear as it’s helping us to move fewer things over to the new place. We have to stay in our existing building until the office is finished over there, so please get in quick if you’d like anything. This includes our brand new Paisley CircusFlower BedChelsea Flower and Winchester Stripe collections which are lovely, light and crisp cottons for Spring/Summer.

May 19, 2022 — Deborah Price