This week Elliot joined us. He’s 15 on a work experience placement and it was all so last minute. He’d arranged somewhere else and they let him down at the last minute.


Monday – he fixed the parcel label printer and wired it to a new lap top which none of us knew how to do. Basically a hero.

Tuesday – he shadowed Jasmine and did loads of ironing.

Wednesday – he started to pick and pack orders under Julie’s watchful eye.

Thursday – he packed all the express orders, loads of international orders and helped with the customer service emails and got me some sushi from the shop.

Friday – we’re all jetting off to Spain and handing him the keys to run the business. I jest, but honestly, what a brilliant kid. If our 12-year-old grows up to be anything this 15-year-old, I’d ball my eyes out with pride! 

Anyway, enough superlatives for now. We’ve launched our Autumn nightwear collections. We’ll email each week as we go through the season, but for now if you see anything you like there’s a cheeky 20% off code on our lovely things, like our dressing gowns. Use AW23 at the checkout and remember that there’s free delivery on all orders over £100 too.

Enjoy the cooler weather all!

X Deb @ BB

September 13, 2023 — Deborah Price