Hi everyone!

How are the January diets going? In the spirit of being helpful our apprentice Jasmine has gone up to town and is currently queuing up at the deli to get us all brie and cranberry baguettes, and I’ve told her that if “small cakes for pudding” were to be purchased too it wouldn’t necessarily be a harmful thing. In fact, I’ve asked her to make this decision for us and I’ve handed her my bank card.

Anyway, in exciting things that aren’t lunch, have a look at this photo my friend Nicholas sent to me. Honestly, it’s made my year already. He edits a magazine called The Cultured Traveller. (Yes I know, his job is to fly all over the world and stay in beautiful places and decide if they’re fabulous or not) I mean honestly, it’s a gorgeous magazine but I thought I was glamorous getting a deli sandwich. Anyway, I digress. He met up with his friend Dame Zandra Rhodes (I also know) and he gave her our beautiful Coral Shire Square Dressing Gown and she was so delighted she sent this photo back to us. Literally my hero. British national treasure and fashion icon extraordinaire, I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I studied textile design in the 1990’s. And how wonderful does she look in it too?! I mean the colour is perfect for her! We’re utterly delighted, and that’s an understatement here.

Right – the Winter Sale’s on! We have some great discounts live at the moment. No code required and this week’s pic of the bunch are featured below, there's also free delivery on all orders over £75 and 90-day returns are still in place too.


Deb @ BB

January 12, 2023 — Deborah Price