Hi everyone. I hope you’re all having a great summer!

In our house, what started out with “let’s do Joe Wicks, plant some seeds and do some maths” has now become “can you go on your playstation and watch TV for a bit please!” Also when I say let’s do Joe Wicks, I’m clearly bending the truth somewhat. I mean just the kids. And when I say “kids” plural, I mean one of them. And when I say one of them, what I really mean is one of them… once. But all of that aside, we’re well and we’re happy, so I reckon at the moment and in these strange times that’s enough.

This week, as we move towards the end of our lovely Summer Sale, I’ve created a 15% off everything code that includes all our full priced dressing gowns, and rather wonderfully, everything that’s in the sale too. It just helps us make space ahead of Autumn and means you can get a bargain.

So on the last page when you checkout use the code SUMMER15 and you’ll receive 15% off and a free face mask on all orders over £30.

Thanks so much!

August 06, 2020 — Deborah Price