I don’t want to make you sick, but my friend Anya’s got an old fisherman’s (holiday) cottage in Brixham in Devon. She messaged a couple of weeks ago because she’d had a cancellation. She asked if we’d like to come, so now here I am. Actual view. Albeit, I’m writing this at 8pm in case you‘re getting this in the morning and were concerned that I was necking a Sauvignon. It’s not that bad yet! (rocks gently back and forth) Julie and Sian are valiantly back at base keeping the mothership afloat which is brilliant of them.

Anyway, you don’t need a postcard from pleased-with-myself me, but I did think it seemed the perfect time to introduce our fresh cotton Seaside Stripes. I’ve brought a set of these with me and they’re fantastic. Faded blue and cream stripy cotton with matching piping. We’ve launched them with a reduction because they’re perfect if you are going away, and we didn’t want to hold them back for Autumn.

For the men we have our lightweight cotton York Stripe pyjama sets and sleep shorts separates which look fab worn with one of our plain t-shirts – also launched with a reduction on them too.

There’s an extra 10% off for anyone who’s managed to get this far down the email. You can use the code BB10 at the checkout, and we’re also putting a free face mask in all orders over £30. Don’t add one to the basket (unless you want more than one). We’ll literally just include it in the parcel.

Thanks so much!

July 30, 2020 — Deborah Price