When Covid hit we got quite busy. Loungewear was suddenly on trend, and we were a tiny team of two in the office… literally just myself and Julie packing. It felt safe as it was ever going to because the bubble was small and the office is a short walk from the house, but we needed help. I didn’t know who to ask and then suddenly remembered that our babysitter Sian’s A-Levels had been cancelled. “Do you want a job?” “Yes. When do you want me?” “About 20 minutes.” She’s worked full-time ever since, and (notwithstanding the stress of being downgraded and then upgraded in her results) she’s only gone and got into Leicester to study Human Geography. Absolutely brilliant! Whilst I’m gutted on behalf of British Boxers that she’s going, I’m so delighted that she’s achieved this… and also selfishly that her next holiday from uni will hit during our peak Christmas sales rush.

With Sian going, we’ve been fortunate that Nicola’s been able to join us. She lives around the corner from me, and we hear her massive flat-coated retriever, Guy, howling everytime an ambulance or police car drives by. We always giggle when we do. Nic’s great too – especially after lots of prosecco and doing handstands. She’s also good at packing PJs and pants. Fortuitous really!

So that’s what’s happening chez nous. Darren, Julie, Nicola and I cracking on with the day-to-day, and Sian going off into the great big wide world.

On the website our new colours are starting to land. The launch has been a bit disjointed this season, so we’re adding things as they arrive from the factories (who have been amazing in their PPE and pyjama juggle). But if you see something you like, please do get in quick and grab it while you can. I’m not doing a hard sell. I’m just anxious that things may sell out quickly, and factories are struggling with capacity. The code AUTUMN15 will give you an introductory 15% off on the website! The new colours are beautiful but more about that later on!


September 17, 2020 — Deborah Price