We did our lifestyle photo shoot this week at the most incredible 17th century house in rural Hertfordshire. The house was owned by the son of the earl of somewhere fancy, and it was stunning! Not pristine but perfect in it’s chipped Farrow and Ball covered up by an older master on the wall way. It felt like a lovely home. Make up artist Martin took the mick out of me when I phoned for pizzas to be delivered for the crew at lunchtime.. “Debororah Prichayyy! Lady of the house speaking!” and I could tell that the Domino's delivery driver thought it was my house, but the thing is he didn’t say anything so it would have been ever so wrong for me to correct him on it wouldn’t it… Never mind eh.

I felt I wanted to stay for a party afterwards. I could have had a sparkly crystal glass of something lovely in that house whilst doing tinkly little laughters about hilarious little anecdotes whilst wearing beautiful shoes that made dainty clip clop noises as I walked across the inlaid parquet flooring. Maybe in another time. Maybe 18th century me. Or 22nd century me. A time without Covid. So while we await our gorgeous pictures to come through, here are some behind the scenes bits so you can see what I’m on about.

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September 23, 2020 — Deborah Price