Hi everyone.

I hope you’re all having a good week. We’re juggling with imports and exports at the moment. I’ve written 2 draft emails about the horror of it all and deleted them both because you probably know it all anyway. It’s grim and so boring… and in the grand scheme of world events it’s peanuts, isn’t it? It’s nothing. It’s not horror. It’s tedious and expensive admin. That’s all.

So cracking on, there are 2 joyful things I thought I’d rather write about instead. Firstly, Vogue wrote to us because they needed our undies for Eddie Redmayne to wear in a shoot for April’s magazine. I have no idea whether the shots will make the cut or not, but it’s so exciting that Vogue are recognising British Boxers as a brand for their readers.

And secondly – this is the best thing ever! Actual Midsomer Murders want 2 of our dressing gowns for filming in March. I’m hoping it’s an eccentric old murderer in an old Manor House somewhere – probably Midsomer (I mean odds are that it might be). And he’s really bitter about some student archaeologists coming to dig up the graveyard at the back of the garden, in case they discover his buried grisly murdery secrets. And so rather than asking a solicitor or just doing some shouting to get rid of them like everyone else does, he has to kill them all wearing our tartan. Glorious. Too much?

This week we’re highlighting our men’s gorgeous boot socks. Made in England using merino wool and currently 20% off, they’re a bargain at £12.40 each. We have 4 designs in a Fairisle pattern and 4 in a plain with contrast toe. Check them out!

Keep safe everyone!


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January 12, 2021 — Deborah Price