Lucky Dips are back this week!

If I can just explain for those who aren’t wise to our Lucky Dip yet… It’s basically when we offer 4 pairs of men’s or women’s boxer shorts half price – but we choose the colours for you. They aren’t seconds and they aren’t the colours that nobody wants either. Often they’re the most popular colours that people buy, and so we have plenty of stock available in them. It’s just our way of shifting units and keeping stock, cash and the business ticking over. Basically our suppliers are happy, we’re happy, and most importantly, you get a great deal so you’re happy too!

Also, if you spend over £30 we’ll deliver them free of charge to the UK too.

Have a great week everyone. We’ve been frantic this week juggling it all, but it’s all good!

Onwards and upwards!

June 22, 2021 — Deborah Price