It was my birthday this weekend. A beautifully relaxed sun shiny day spent with family, a pizza restaurant and an obligatory chocolate caterpillar cake. Made all the more special now we don’t (or can’t) take socialising for granted like we used to. The world has changed, but to grab these moments and markers of time and create a normality or memory for the children which links them to the past they remember whilst not frightening them about a future (none of us yet know) seemed really important.

I’ve only thought of this in retrospect though. In the moment I was thinking of olives and anchovies and who was going to get Colin the Caterpillar’s face with extra chocolate on. In terms of the unwritten rules about being a good mother, I’m happy to report that we shared it. In terms of the fact that it was my birthday and I wanted to eat the face, I was quite disappointed by my own parenting. Nevertheless we are where we are.

Last week we emailed you about our Lucky Dip offer where we do 4 pairs of randomly coloured undies half price. This week I wanted to highlight that we’ve started to do that with our black underwear too. So men’s stretch trunks and briefs and women’s hipster briefs and high legs are now available to buy at 4 pairs for half price! There’s currently free delivery too!

Have a great week all!

June 29, 2021 — Deborah Price