I was moved to tears last week. We were at our photoshoot for Autumn and our stylist Natalie showed me some of her recent work with the English Lionesses football team for Nike ahead of the Euros. I found it incredibly moving. Now usually I’m not particularly into football, and I’m not into Nike because any purchases from them (for me anyway) are gym-related and for some reason I seem to resist the gym like the plague.

I was moved by these images because to my mind they show the very best of who we can be and what we are as a country. They had been projected onto some of our landmarks and that seemed moving too. They seemed to fit the British Boxers narrative and the fight for the best of who we are and recently, the political climate of late hasn’t felt like that. These images felt like a breath of fresh air, a tonic and they seem to pull us back together after so much division. Have a look and see what you think too. The lionesses have done phenomenally well.

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July 21, 2022 — Deborah Price