We spent the weekend shooting AW22 at a gorgeous old manor house in Cheshire. It had old bits, it had new glass & steel bits and the way the two complimented each other was stunning. I reckon that Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs would have smiled a lot if he’d been let loose on this home.

We have the best crew ever too! We’ve worked together on various shoots now, so we all know exactly what we’re doing and we crack on quickly and in an extremely organised order. All products prepped, steamed, photographed and filmed ready to go live when production arrives in from the factory in September.

On the Saturday evening we ate at a Lebanese restaurant and our fab make-up artist Nicky Donohoe brought national treasure Phil Daniels along too for the craic – what a fab bloke he is! What a surreal weekend, living what you’d consider at first glance to be a glamorous Instagram worthy lifestyle. What the socials don’t show you is 12-hour days, steaming hundreds of items of clothing, feeding a group of 10 people and being responsible for every outfit and every bulk production, so that it all comes together ready for launch – not only on our website, but on the larger retailers we sell to too like Joules and John Lewis, etc.

It’s massive, it’s extremely hard work, but yes, it’s also super glam on weekends like the one we just had. But the most important thing is that you love it when we show it to you in a few weeks time when it’s all come together and launched.

First things first though. It’s really hot and we have loads of lovely summer weight things currently on sale. If you haven’t grabbed a bargain from the summer sale yet, please do! We’ve put the women’s Chelsea Flower and men’s Cannes collections at half price this week. We expect them to sell out, so get in quick if you’d like to bagsy a bargain.

Thanks so much. That’s a wrap!

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July 14, 2022 — Deborah Price