I’m back and we survived!

In an earlier blog post I told you of my fear of taking the kids on an aeroplane for a package holiday and I promised I’d report back. Well, we did it! It was something we hadn’t done for about 10 years. Neither of them could remember it from when they were little. I could write a massive thing about airports and sensory overload for my daughter who has Williams Syndrome (learning disability and physical problems too), but if I just say that Jet2 are incredible and “Airport Assistance” was exemplary and as the aeroplane landed, my brilliantly bonkers child, to alleviate her anxiety, opera sang to an entire Jet2 package holiday full plane and made everyone laugh. She has a properly healthy set of pipes on her. It was fabulous and we were very proud, as were all the people in the surrounding seats and some of the people in the more distant seats, also the air hostesses and the pilot and the airport security people. Just quietly I had a little tear to myself when we arrived at the apartment late that night after everything had gone quiet. Lovely sunshine, gentle breeze and swimming every day. Onwards and upwards, I was delighted we’d gone.

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August 21, 2022 — Deborah Price