We’re finally in!

That must be the longest and most drawn-out move in history, but on Friday we finally moved the office over to our fabulous new building – we’re now totally in and next to the warehouse. It was a great day. Harry the carpet fitter, managed to get the carpets down in the morning so that we could move the desks over in the afternoon. Then on Monday, David Cliffe, a historian and writer of crime novels, popped into the building to say hello. He wanted to show me a beautiful Edwardian brochure he’d found that celebrated the opening of the building in 1904 when it used to be the “Electricity Station” for the whole of Leek. The houses now opposite and the road “Station Street” would arrive years later. Originally, there were allotments directly outside our building. The warehouse has been extended and doubled in size over the years, and the office I’m currently sitting in has an upstairs now too. It feels good to be here – like we’ve done something sustainable.

We can’t grow fruit and veg outside the window anymore, but we’ve used a building that was going derelict to house our growing team and our lovely collection. It feels like a sustainable way to push business forward whilst giving a nod to the people who worked here for the century before us.

The Summer Sale will end soon, but there are still some great bargains to be had so do check the website when you get a moment. And for a very limited time you can use the code FB10 for an additional 10% OFF. There’s also free express delivery on all orders over £75 at the moment too.


August 13, 2022 — Deborah Price