We have Tia on work experience this week, and it was great that I could introduce her to one of our fabric suppliers. She helped me search through his collection and we decided on some fabrics for immediate production and also for Spring '25 (I know… fashion lead times are ridiculous).

Together we selected the cloth and we talked about costings and money. We talked about how when you grow up you’re taught not to talk about money and we talked about how when you do business (especially if you’re a buyer) you have to, but that it’s just a skill you can learn like anything else – even if you do cringe when you first learn it.

So, I wanted to show you our boxer shorts. Made so beautifully a couple of streets away from our office by a fabulous team of dedicated seamstresses, they are cut from the most crisp cottons and were the first product we ever created. We wouldn’t have been called British Boxers without them!

You’ll have to trust us on the fabric selections if you go for a multipack, but it’s my job with some excellent help from Tia this week to make sure they’re all great!

March 28, 2024 — Deborah Price