John Lewis sent some Christmas returns to us and included was one pair of pyjamas with a security tag left on them. Now, I love any excuse to go into John Lewis, so rather than send the pyjamas back to their dispatch centre I wrote to their supplier support team and explained that I’d pop into branch for the security team in there to remove the tag.

Armed with my email trail and my business card as a “just in case” potential defence against imagined accusations of robbery by an overzealous security guard. I entered the store setting off the alarms as I went. I avoided all eye contact with everyone who turned to look and headed straight to customer services. I needn’t have worried, they sorted the PJs for me with their security team and in the meantime my daughter and I headed over to a lipstick counter to spend a birthday voucher I received last year.

The make-up lady at JL was so kind. She did me a lipstick makeover and then did one for our Martha too. Martha has Williams Syndrome (a bit like down syndrome or autism). “Sit on the stool,” she said to Marth. “I can’t it’s too high.” “Tell you what,” said the Chanel lady, “You just stand there and I’ll do it anyway.” Martha was delighted. The lady gave her free samples to try too, but the kindness and understanding in the “You just stand there…” made Martha feel great and that tiny inclusion was everything.

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March 23, 2024 — Deborah Price