I spent half term in Cornwall with the family. My mate Lou is from Cornwall and I talked in my last blog about how she used to be my boss when I worked in London before she moved home to set up her lovely interiors business. The first day we were there she messaged me at 8am, “Deb I’m going for a dip, you coming?” Left with no time to wonder whether I was going or not was probably the best position to be in because I literally got out of bed leaving the family still asleep. I put on my swimming things and got in the sea before my brain could procrastinate.

The waves were huge. Despite only going in to just above our knees they came in over our heads. The spray was a golden pink as the early morning light shone through it, and it was one of the most exhilarating and beautiful moments I can remember in a long time. Just 15 minutes and then we were properly cold and had to get out. I was so upset to see that just days later water companies had started to pollute that stunning coastline, and I’m not sure what we can do about that apart from writing to our MPs to put pressure on them to legislate it to stop. I felt so sorry for the local businesses that rely on tourism – especially when they’re trying to recover from Covid. A solution needs putting into place and fast!

On the website this week we’re gearing up for peak season, so we’re starting to have deliveries coming in every day now and the team are all ready and raring to go. If you’ve seen anything that takes your fancy use the code FB20 for 20% OFF, but do get in quick if you can because the most popular lines often do sell out (like our dressing gowns) before we get to Christmas. There’s also free delivery on orders over £75 and 90-day returns available so you can send things back in the New Year if they’re not quite right.

November 03, 2022 — Deborah Price