We had the best weekend in the rain! We were shooting our Autumn Winter collection at a fabulously modernist house in Cheshire. I find the contrast of the modern architectural lines against the classic soft nightwear shapes so appealing. It’s a contrast I’ve always loved because it subtly marries the softness of sleepwear/loungewear to a contemporary audience. In case that all sounds too pretentious, I should let you know that we also ironed and steamed about 100 items of clothing and fed and watered a team of 10 people. I also had the vital job of pressing the key fob to make the electric gates open and close so that the crew could get in and out of the property and, most importantly, so the “did somebody say just eat” driver could get in too.

When my meds kicked in in the afternoons, the crew let me rest in the darkened cinema room (I kid you not – it was amazing! #lifegoals), and you’ll be proud of me that we didn’t drink the property owner’s champagne fridge contents (although we may have made a little dent in his coffee pod collection). Hopefully he’ll forgive me.

So, in order to make physical space for all this gorgeousness in our warehouse, we have some further reductions on our website. We have some of our hoodies reduced from £49 to £17.15, some of our organic cotton T-shirts reduced from £26 to £9.10 and our Porthtowan Seersucker nightwear reduced to half price. Do get in quick if you’d like something. There’s free delivery on all orders over £30 too. Many of these lovely things will sell out over the next few days.

Also while I’m on, thanks so much for all your kind messages. They’ve brightened my days. And for everyone who has asked, I’m feeling really well at the moment so just cracking on doing what I do.

Much love to all!

August 12, 2021 — Deborah Price