A Leukaemia diagnosis. 3.5 weeks of intense meds. Hideous biopsy. Intense bruising. A blood transfusion. Lots of pain killers. Too many blood tests to count. My white blood cells have gone from 230 to 160 to 88 to 7.5 which according to the nurse is “normal”. 20 years ago I’d have been on borrowed time. Today I’m sat in my office planning next week’s photography ahead of Autumn Winter.

The message here is listen to doctors and scientists. They’re utterly amazing, and I’m incredibly humbled and grateful to all of them. And as long as the meds are doing their thing, then I’m cracking on and doing mine!

So, we’ll show you behind the scenes shots of Autumn next week, but what we need now is space! Space in the warehouse so that we can put the new deliveries in situ. With that in mind, we’ve added some further reductions to Summer.

Women's gorgeous White Paisley and Porthtowan collections have further reductions on them. As do the fabulous men’s organic cotton T-shirts and the York sleepwear collections (Blue Stripe & Red Stripe)! There’s a further 10% OFF everything when you use the code SUMMER10 including our boxer shorts and there’s currently free delivery on all orders over £30 too.


August 05, 2021 — Deborah Price