Sorry. I bet we’re all bombarded with coronation-themed marketing this week. I mean, I could take an Emma Bridgewater mug or a fancy fruitcake from Fortnum’s and maybe a Liberty tea towel with the King’s face on it for when it’s the heavy-duty stuff that doesn’t go in the dishwasher (like a Sunday roasting tray or your mum’s best crystal trifle dish from 1970).

Anyway, in the slimmest of possibilities that you’ve not had enough marketing, then here I go with mine. I’m going to show you some gorgeous crisp cotton sleepwear and I’ll tell you why! Firstly, it’s my job and I’d have to give myself a verbal warning if I didn’t. And secondly, did you know that we make private label sleepwear for some of the world’s leading gentlemen’s outfitters on Jermyn Street in London? That means we sew their label in the garments rather than our own. Jermyn Street is where the Royal Family go to buy their shirts, their ties and their pyjamas no less! So there’s a marketing link there. Sadly, we don’t have photographs of the royal family in their pyjamas, but if they want a massive pillow fight in their PJs then we’re absolutely here for it. Until that happens, you’ll have to make do with our gorgeous models and Imelda Staunton when she played Queen Elizabeth in The Crown on Netflix – where she wore our lovely brushed cotton herringbone dressing gowns. Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy your posh fruitcake and Earl Grey.

There’s 20% OFF sleepwear this week, including our lovely pyjamas, with the code CORONATION20 and free UK delivery on orders over £100.

Whatever you’re up to have a fabulous time and enjoy!

May 04, 2023 — Deborah Price