The other day I had a WhatsApp message from Norma who runs the production line at the factory we use down the road. “Debs I’m away for the weekend and I’ve just seen this book in an antique shop. It’s about your 3x great grandfather Jem Mace, the boxer. Shall I get it? It’s a fiver.”

“Yes please!”

When we started the business, we called the brand British Boxers as I liked the link between Jem’s rags-to-riches-to-rags story and making boxer shorts in Britain. A play on words, a logo, a lovely product. It all fitted perfectly.

Julie popped down to the factory to collect the book and leave the money for Norma.

We have grown since those early days and we produce other products now too, but that factory, those boxer shorts, my ancestor staring at me from that book with the same eyes as my brother, sister and dad… they’re where it all began. And it’s a lovely nod sometimes to go straight back there.

We sell our boxer shorts individually, or you can buy a pack of 7 random blue and white boxers or a pack of 3 random blue and white boxers with 41% off… or even a Lucky Dip – which essentially means you get 4 in random colours with 50% off.

Trust me on the fabric choices though. They’re all fabulous!

May 06, 2023 — Deborah Price