Right, I haven’t told the others in the office yet, but we have 8 pallets of stock arriving next week. And because we’re in a converted pub and not a massive Amazon type warehouse, I’m waking up at 3am with ‘the fear’ because in a nutshell (and that’s literally how it feels) it’s not going to fit in the building.

So, in a shameless bid to reduce the stock before the next order arrives I’ve popped a FREE DELIVERY thing on all orders over £30, including our lovely pyjamas, and there’s also 10% OFF when you use the code AUTUMN10. This will mirror what we do at Black Friday, so if you wanted to get in quick, now is your time!

There’s 90-day returns at the moment too, so you can crack on with your Christmas shopping in confidence, the team can crack on packing the lovely things and I will sit here rocking back and forth with mildly hysterical laughter every time a lorry draws up outside the window. This happens quite often because we’re right near the traffic lights. We’re rural too. Sometimes we hear sheep and cows on the lorries. No little donkeys though.

November 05, 2021 — Deborah Price